Dhani Sambo show on tonight

 He supposedly fights sambo style . Forum member Sambo Steve (if I remember correctly) said that he is on this episode as well and he coaches Dhani.

They also make home made vodka.

 Travel channel 9:00 pst. Don't know when it airs est.

 ttt for Sambo Steve


good show

good show. but lol @ the Rocky montage training.

 On now on the east coast.........

 Show was great. Congrats forum member Sambo Steve, you did well on the show Sir. Would love to hear details about that trip.

And some of those side players, not the martial arts but ballet and vodka segments, were some creepy dudes.

When they said that Dhanni was going to have a "special" opponent in his match, I was praying that it would be Fedor.

Love the show... DVR it every week, and Dhanni seems like a pretty cool guy.

Best part of the show was when he asked that creeper piece about mustaches and he attributed it to mens fashion. I love Russia

 F drinking vodka with that dude in the sailor shirt. I was afraid they were going to get Dhani drunk so they could jump him and 'it put's the lotion in the basket' takes place.