Diaz: All part of the show?

 I don't get it.  What did Diaz mean?  That he plays the part of a jerk for the "show"?  But he isn't a jerk?  But then he is a jerk?  I'm confused.

 I had no idea what he meant either.

 Sometimes a person is too cerebral to be understood.

Its like Dana White says:

"Nick Diaz is a badass."

 I mean, I think he was saying that he was acting like a dick to make it dramatic and exciting.  But Diaz legitimately seems like a jerk afterwards too..so...whatever..  I enjoyed the fight.  Diaz gets better and better each time out.

Diaz is a student of MMA.  Please stop with the hate.  He's also a very intense guy.  After most of his fights, he is very respectful of his opponent, just not when he's fighting.  He needs his edge. 

 I'm not hating.