Diaz/Condit rematch?

According to Goldberg during the fight, GSP won't be ready to fight again until November.

It is obvious that the UFC wanted Diaz to win, so that he could fight GSP.  That would obviously be one of the biggest fights that the UFC could put on.

Since there is plenty of time until November...Anyone else think they may try to schedule a rematch between the two until GSP is ready?

They can promote it surrounding the controversy of a very close decision, with many people thinking Diaz was robbed.

Also, Diaz has mentioned that he is leaving the sport in his post-fight interview.

This would be enough to bring him back.  Maybe I am just talking out of my ass, but stranger things have happened.

Case in point, the UFC taking Diaz's original title shot that he lost to Condit away from Condit and giving it back to Nick.

Anyone else think they may try to put on a rematch in the meantime, while GSP recovers?

They should . Phone Post

Pointless. Rematches are for close fights. Diaz did not make it close.

 no. condit won.

everyone was just so hyped over gsp/diaz that they are upset.

carlos outstriked diaz and fought smart.

carlos deserves the title shot.

Condit fought like a bitch. Phone Post

had a feeling of a rematch the whole 5th round

Lorenzo said he wouldnt force condit into it... but if you think about it as condit... I dont think he'll want to wait until november and I dont think condit will want to fight a no name guy like ellenberger/hendricvks, etc...  So nick is the only fight that makes sense for condit.

Well, Dana just said he gave the last 3 rounds to Condit.

I guess that puts an end to my theory.