Diaz vs. Penn on Fox

Has a good chance to be greater than Bonnar vs Griffin TUF 1.
Dana Make it Happen!

He said there's only going to be one fight on the televised FOX card, so unless you think it should be delayed until the NEXT FOX card, I don't think this is going to happen. 

 Good idea, reward the guy who he feels just screwed him.

LOL - Hey, I'd live to see that fight, too, but you have to look at it from Zuffa's perspective. This might be their most important bout EVER and there's no way they are going to gamble the TV deal on a guy with a sketchy track record like Diaz.

Understand, I like Diaz and would love to see it, but there's no chance in hell this gets put on Fox. Phone Post

You do know that they already announced the Fox fight, right? Why would they sink this fight on an un-aired prelim?