Diaz was supposed to be crushed

Imo it is safe to say that Dana likes fighters on their last fight to be utterly crushed in that last fight so they lose all negotiating power and steam for joining or doing something in the MMA scenery.

If this whole thing was planned I can understand since UFC needs to create hype now that the sport is no longer what it was.

If not planned Dana must be pissed that Diaz is walking away (although probably not in gay shoes) like he is still a force in the sport.

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The sport is literally bigger and more successful than ever.

They don’t want guys to get beat to “hurt negotiating power” or whatever gay shit you dorks who have never done anything in life think. Fucking dorks always applying their shitty motives to others.

They want STARS to PUT OVER the NEXT STARS. It’s pro wrestling. You lay down in your last match. You pass the torch to the next guy, because you’re leaving and he’s staying. It’s business.


It is hard to take you seriously after posting that.

That is your debate points?
Untrue claims about the sport, insults then compare it to pro wrestling. lol

I’m not debating anyone. I’m correcting the record and explaining reality.

So reality is pro wrestling and a Diaz laying down for the handover?

Not UFC putting him in there on the last fight of the contract to be beaten. While making sure his negotiating power is diminished.

lol OK

Has it ever occurred to you that your inability to interpret things properly is a massive flaw that requires attention?

Nate was definitely being punished for not signing the contract extension. From some of the stuff Nate said, it seems they were trying to give him to Conor in Conor’s first fight back in early 2023 if he resigned. Story goes that Nate would have been given Dustin Poirier and not Khamzat for his next fight if Nate signed that extension. He didn’t, so the only supposed fight they we willing to give him was Chimaev (and possibly some other fighters, idk). That in itself is definitely a bit of a punishment for not sticking around for the Conor fight in my opinion, but you’re all free to disagree if you’d like.

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I think Dana and Nate get along much better than people think. If Dana could help out his boy, he would. I think Dana is a bit scummy, but if he likes you, he hooks you up.

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I don’t feel like he walked away looking like any kind of force in this sport.


Then why didn’t he hook him up with the Poirier fight?

Neither do I but I do not toss around words like Icon or legend very often in MMA.

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He hooked him up with worst possible stylistic match up he could be offered: A young, explosive wrestler.

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Who knows. But it’s obvious Nate got the biggest benefit from how this card went down.


You are assuming that fight was going to actually happen. Never assume anything when Dana is still around.

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this no question

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Yes by not fighting who Dana tried to make him fight

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Did he though? We had Chimaev trying to hype of and fight everyone besides Nate leading up to this.


Well, maybe it was all just insane and perfect luck, the weight, the “backstage thing”. Have to pick something to believe.