Did a Jack Taufer private class today


Today I went to Irvine for a private class with Jack Taufer. I met Jack last year at his seminar at Dynamix Martial Arts. Ive loosely kept in contact with him since then and had afew days off so figured why not take a trip from Los Angeles to see Jack and learn some of those fancy Rickson style moves.

I called him yesterday and he asked me what I would like to work on and I told him I just wanted to bounce some ideas off him. I wanted to see what hed do if they were happening to him. I wanted to clean them up. Jack said fine...no problem...and he would add a few details where he could.

So I went to his gym today and away we went. I showed him what I wanted to clean up and he showed me a few ways to tighten them up. Nothing major but definetly will improve the completion percentage of them.

Then Jack started to show me some of those "connection" moves the lineage is famous for. I don't usually take notes at seminars because honestly theres only a few things at each seminar that will work for your game. All the moves he showed me today were so simple but absolute game changers for me. At the end of the private we went through quickly and reviewed and I took all the notes I could.

On the drive home I didn't play any music...just sat back and went through all the information I had taken in. Tonite I went to 2 night classes just to try them all out.

It was absolutely worth the 2.5 hours spent in traffic. I highly recommend (especially if your in ther So-cal area) going and checking out Jack for an hour or two and adding some simple and effective additions you can make to your game.


Jack is good peeps

Awesome- Jack posts some awesome stuff!

Von Krap... thank you for posting! It was awesome training with you. Let's do this again. Phone Post 3.0

hit the tech mount sweeps...armbar break...and ive been looking at the time.


thanks jack!


do yourself a favor - book another private and ask Jack to teach you his Americana attack from the mount.  Im absolutely murdering people with it. 

BigEyedFish -

do yourself a favor - book another private and ask Jack to teach you his Americana attack from the mount.  Im absolutely murdering people with it. 

vu...I will...ill do another one ina few weeks.

I've learned some great details from his videos. Sounds like a great experience. Phone Post 3.0

set up another session with jack for this coming wednesday.

Looking forward to it my man. Phone Post 3.0

Today  (I had to reschudule from wednesday) Jack came all the way from Irvine to my teamates house (in los angeles) and taught us a private class. Jack showed us that full mount keylock detail mentioned above thats gonna wreck alotta peoples days. He also showed us a few different ways to appropriate our weight in side control to maximize the control. Everything he has shown me is the smallest tweak to something I already do. I get super pissed when he shows me how easy the adjustments are...and the slight mistake ive been making not executing what I want correctly.

We have already made plans for the next 2 sessions...

What are you waiting for Socal rollers?



that side control attack posture will open up the mount like crazy too - look for it

Thanks again for posting. I still need to post a video for the UG for the Rickson Thread.

I record one this weekend. I promise. Phone Post 3.0

OK now, question:

Was there any actual "invisibility"...?

--And if so, maybe this is a "dumb" question, but... could you still see the gi or does that disappear too?

And if total invisibility is possible, did you worry at any point that someone may possibly have used that as an opportunity to get naked without your knowledge?

Honest responses only, thank you.


God damn it Shen, I will invisible kick you right in the f***ing ninja. If I can get there. Phone Post 3.0

Also, I may or may not have been naked. Phone Post 3.0

Jack Taufer - Also, I may or may not have been naked. Phone Post 3.0

...go on...