Did AFFLICTION use DANA to build their name?

Did AFFLICTION use DANA WHITE AND THE UFC to build their name? If so, do you think they planned all along to eventually promote and MMA event with some of DANA'S fighters?

They had many of the fighters wearing their gear and generating a lot of buzz for their brand.....via the hottest and fastest grwoing sport in the US, possibly the planet. Even DANA was wearing their brand and advertsiing for them. Then eventually something happened to prompt the UFC to consider them competition, and banned them.

Maybe thats one of the reasons LORENZO is getting more involved.

So was this part AFFLICTION'S master plan, where they that diabolical.?

 I think somewhere along the lines, they probably had this in the works....It just seems all too perfect for them, IMHO.......Maybe it was just basically taking advantage of a good situation while they had the opportunity?  who knows really?

They were sort of "whispering in the ear" of fighters, sponsoring them and giving them a ton of money....then the UFC banned their product and that probably pissed off a lot of fighters who were getting good bread from Affliction....I know I would be pissed. 

What are you doing to do though, you know?

LOL @ Dana getting owned by Affliction.

Dana "Always a Step Behind" White

 It will be difficult for org's to avoid "using The UFC" to build their name or they must otherwise resort to trying to chase the scattered talent elsewhere.

i just find it funny how affliction became the bane of existance for all true mma enthusiast, and now has become the flag ship of all that is anti-ufc.

still wait'n on tapout to start a promotion so they can be cool again :p

 There's been a chunk of MMA missing lately that I hope Affliction can return.

The question is ...

"did they have a premeditated strategy sepcifically to go into the MMA prmotion business from the start, before they ever approached UFC about sponsorship?

Or did they just happen to be utilizing UFC for smart promoting of their brand , and in the process develop relationships with disgruntled fighters...... and the Trump partnership possibility arises , etc., and it evolves into them just happening to take advantage of a happenstance business opportunity where all the stars seemed to align for them to do this big PPV promotion.....?