did any one see tito on the pay...

per view when he was little,with the long hair...he looked just like the little joe dirt.that shit was fuckin funny as hell.

No! I wish there was a pic online!

That must be some funny shit.


He's not my favorite fighter, but to make fun of how somebody looks as a kid is ridiculously lame.

holy shit gorilla!  Is this real?

LMFAO!!! That one is saved as my desktop!

No wonder he turned out so mean!

Are you sure that is not a childhood pic of the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

lighten up kying......its just funny.shit i bet your so uptight you could crush diamonds with your ass cheeks.....your the lame one.

Lol! WTF with the hair?! Tito was a baby headbanger!

2nd pic - You can tell it's him in the face.

lol...childhood pics are always funny...mine included...he should grow the hair out again.

That's pretty wild.

lmfao! cool kid

Was'nt he in Road Warrior as a kid?



I thought it got silly showing pics of Tito & Chuck as kids. I really did not need to see Chuck's ass. (and no I don't mean Tito)

double post.

triple post.

Funny shit.