Did Chuck Liddell forget how to...

...throw a kick? His last few fights, including Rampage and Jardine, he hasn't utilized his once dangerous kicks. He threw one kick against Jardine, and that was the first kick i remember seeing him throw since before the Couture fights. What's the deal? Did he get to cocky with his hands? Is his toe still injured? He needs to incorporate his legs back into his game IMO.

I agree! There were times that Jardine had his left hand down and was prime for a right high kick.

Exactly, and he wouldn't have expected it.

Chuck has always been one of my favorite fighters, but last night he looked like shit. He definitely needs to evaluate where hes at right now and where he should go from here. It is depressing to think that his days of dominance are gone, but it had to happen sooner or later.

Chuck was afraid of the takedown during a kick. Knowing Chuck would never grab a kick and go for a takedown himself, Jardine was free to kick as much as he wanted. But hey, Chuck managed to stay on his feet. Oh, wait......

I would say partying and having rockstar status may have had something to do with his lack of success..but that is just a guess.

His knees are all busted up.