did Gannon KO Kimbo?

Look, I know I'm late, but I still have not seen the fight with Kimbo and Gannon. I know the result, but did Gannon knock Kimbo out? What did he use to gain the victory? And also how can I download the fight? Thanks.

Also, does anyone have links to other Kimbo fights? I saw the one where he turned a dudes eye into ground beef. I'm from Compton and it looked like that fight took place in L.A. not too far from me.

Definitely a couple boxing KOs but not unconscious.

it was a hoax - the fight never happened.

wut gannon/kimbo fight? that never happened

Cool, I kick it in the CPT, right around Wilmington and the 91. Anyways, here is the ghetto fabulous hook up for the fight, and the first fight was somewhere in a hood in Miami.



Not unconscious, but when a fighter is down for a 30 count, I consider that a KO.

Kimbo was down a few times for a long count before the final 30 count. They were both out of gas but Gannon hung in.

Look dawg, Kimbo got koed any way you look at it. If Gannon was allowed to continue punching him on the ground he could have beat him into a coma. That said, what a fight!!! This is a prime example of why we need rules and referees in this type of fighting.All these fools jumping in and almost no order.

Kimbo is tough and I am in no way a Kimbo hater, but he lost. He destroyed Gannons face yet Gannon had the heart of a lion and showed some good technique at times. I mean Gannon landed some good body shots, and to absorb that type of punishment!! Kimbo is vicious though, I would like to see more of his fights if you have them. This also shows how a dude from the street that has been fighting all of his life can be brutal. All that said, this was a tough one to watch, especially when Gannons face looked like it did. I ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE SOME OTHER KIMBO FIGHTS, SO IF YOU GOT EM' POST EM' OR TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THEM. and any other good fights too. I like to see raw fight footage for real-life purposes.Peace

"He did not drop from punches, he dropped from exhaustion."

Coincidentally, every time he dropped (twice? three times?) was after being punched.

I have a question please.

Did these guys have a beef or is this some underground tough man street competition? If it's the later, how widespread is this? I thought this stuff only happened in movies. Does a NY guy go accross the country to fight a Cali guy, or is it more of a local thing going on independently in diff cities?

I thought it was barbaric, and a little disturbing. I guess I'm trying to figure out why these guys would do this? I could understand if they had a beef. If it's not a beef, then what the hell is it? It can't be the money right? I can't think there's much money in this.

I could only see rational human beings doing this for 1 of 2 reasons. 1)A legitimate beef, so you say ok I'll meet you at x place at x time, and they duke it out. And even for that it would have to be a real big beef. Or 2) for a lot of money. If it's not for either of those 2 things, and it's soley for the purpose of proving you are the toughest guy in your city or state, then there is something seriously psycologicly wrong with these guys, and they have no life. Do these guys have families, children, or are they still living at home with their parents?

Do these guys have regular jobs? If so, do they take vacation before a fight? I can't imagine looking normal again and being able to return to work for at least a week.

Anyway, it was clear that the white guy won. No matter what his face looked like. The black guy couldn't continue. And he did go down at least 3 times after the white guy turned up the heat on him. And maybe he didn't continue only because he was tired. Maybe he saw that there was no way he was gonna beat the white guy and he used the tired thing as an excuse to stop fighting, or else his face would start looking like the white guys face.

Both would get owned in MMA. But the black guy would get owned even more. The white guy reminds me of Paul Varlens. Big and tough, and he dresses just like him too.

I agree with kwik.

How old are these guys? Again, I'm just trying to figure out the psycology in this.


Don't worry about answering my questions guys. I'm not a law enforcement officer.

I've been watching mma since ufc1 and I love the sport. I know some guys like to fight but they usually put on gloves and do it in a ring. And a lot of them do it for the money.

Assuming these guys didn't have some differences to straighten out, I just thought this stuff only happened in movies and I am trying to figure out the psycology and mindset of these people.


Thanks for explaining that. It makes more sense now. I think it was the fact that it didn't look organized, it looked like it was in someone's basement, and it looked like they took 2 pit bulls and let them fight to the death that shocked me at first.

I'm a huge MMA fan and I started watching it when there were no gloves, head butts were allowed, etc. So that doesn't bother me because it's always in an organized event. I think it would have looked less shocking if I saw it in a real fighting ring. Bottom line is, I never saw anything this raw outside a ring.

Hey, where can I get some stats on this guy Gannon? I couldn't find him on sherdog.

Oh, by the way, what the hell is an enforcer in a porn company? I know an enforcer in an illegal bussiness is someone who collects money and breaks knee caps, and watches the boss's back. So what does he do, make sure the bitches swallow or something?...LOL

Hopefully the fringe benefits are good at that job, like free bjs once in a while.

About Gannon, I did look up one of the Mass Destruction and I found him in there.

Thanks for all the answers.

Who has more Kimbo fights?

Gannon is tough as shit.

However he scored a flash knock down about 2 minutes into the fight (which cause Kimbo to shoot a takedown) and then later WOULD have scored a full knockdown but Kimbo fell into a wall which kept him standing.