Did Hughes Tap

This is the first time I had a chance to post here since the fight Sat. so forgive me if this was already posted, but I swear I saw Hughes tap when BJ had him in the triangle/arm bar at the end of rd 2. I need to watch it again obviously, but did anybody else think they saw Hughes tap?


Wow!! I did not see anyone tap.


nope and my bank account wanted him to badly

Nope and I was watching closely.

I just watched what I thought was a tap. It occured with about 14 seconds left in rd 2. Seeing it again I don't think it was a tap but there was definately a tapping motion made by Hughes's free hand.

I didn't notice it live, but watching it on the computer, I noticed it too. I went back and forth over it a few times and concluded that it was not a tap.

There is room to argue that he started to tap, got one tap into it, and changed his mind. But I won't argue that.

I believe his hand just bounced off BJ while trying to get hold of him.

Hughes did not tap.

Those of you who think you may have seen something, what do you think he was tapping from? The triangle? Some kind of straight arm bar? Having his arm bent?

I haven't re-watched the fight but remembering seeing something that could've been a tap, but thinking it was maybe a weak hammerfist or attempt to keep active. There was no triangle - if anything, BJ was working against his own triangle by pulling Matt's arm in the wrong direction, thereby opening up his neck, and going for the armbar (which he wasn't in a position to get). The one thing he seemed to have was torque on Matt's bent arm, as in an omoplata.

Also, BJ didn't say anything in his post-fight interview about it, so I don't give it much credence.

he tapped his elbow on bj's noggin a few times but
other than that...

No but Sak tapped to Royce.

lol @ Dear Abby

Nobody taps once or twice and then changes their mind. Thats fucking stupid.

No tap that I saw.

lol I've said tap before when my arms were both trapped and meant it but no one heard me(ref or opponent) and then I got my arms free and was free of the sub, so I am glad I didn't actually tap.

Of course I had a doublesided mouth piece in and had a broken nose at the time so it wasn't surprising no one heard me.

I have been half way through a tap tons of times,especially on chokes,and then realized it wasn't so bad or I was getting out of it and stopped myself in mid motion.

i saw it during the fight, but i don't believe it was a tap. looked kinda like he was just trying to catch his balance

i saw him think about tapping but didnt

I think that anytime somebody is in a similar position to what Hughes was and makes a tapping motion with his hand, it not entirely BJ nut hugging to ask if he tapped.

I can't tell if this is serious or if this is BJ fans, who have a little bit of the old Rickson fan in them, just trying to muddy the waters of Hughes' victory by insinuating there was a tap.

Sort of like calling a girl a slut, or a guy a rapist. Even if you can show it's not true, there's still a bit of stigmatization, and the accusation hangs in the air like a wet fart.

No, he didn't tap.