Did Jon Jones really lose the decision?

Broady - Had Gus winning the first three. Second was a toss up though. Phone Post
This. Phone Post 3.0

Periodik - 
RileyPust - I had Gus winning rounds 1-4.5. Jones hurt Gus in the 4th but before that I felt the Mauler was landing almost at will. Each round was close though, it was a fucking amazing fight.

I'm curious why you gave Gus round 5? Pretty much everyone gave round 5 to Bones.

No I meant 4.5, like he was winning up until that point. But I just rewatched round 2 and think Jones won. After a second viewing I score the fight a draw.

My friends and I definitely thought gus would win by ud. And we were no where near the Internet, we didn't feel like it was a robbery but we all gave more rounds to gus. Phone Post

Augustus_Caesar_Showtime'd_My_Butthole - Jones fucked Gus up. Haters hating. Phone Post

Lol...you're an idiot. Phone Post

Great fight. Close fight. I can see giving it to either guy. Wouldn't have been a "robbery" Whoever they gave the decision to. Phone Post 3.0

I think Jones quite clearly won 2,4,5. Everyone should watch those rounds and be objective, pretty damn clear if I'm concerned.

Close fight that Jones won with that late 4th round and 5 round.  He pulled it out.

The Jones haters are the ones flipping out.  My brother hates Jones, he was rooting for Jones to lose and even he thought he won.