did Nick Diaz get...

 ALLSTATE INSURANCE? b/c he needed protection from Mayhem...

C'mon, that wasn't that bad-give the man props for making a timely cultural reference and incorporating the double meaning-I give it a solid 2/10

Not bad, 5/10.

Stop being dicks

 i'm really just shocked no one else put this out there...yeah it's cheesy,but i was bored...

3/10 Phone Post

Not the worst thread, some people just love having something to hate on.

Suffice to say, one of those people has found his way into this thread.

 Took me a minute but I lol'd

Im bored too

hahaha why the hell would Diaz be scared of that clown? He has nothing for Diaz except the ability to last 5 rounds while losing every round.

actually nevermind, I'm pretty high, Mayhem wouldn't last two rounds with Nick.