Did Silva p*ss Pride off???

Silva was supposed to be fighting Saku whom he beat pretty easily 3 times in the past,then all of a sudden he is fighting a guy damn near 100 lbs heavier then his first opponent with a weeks notice.

Anyone think he pissed someone off at Pride?

wandy asked for a heavy weight to replace saku. he wants to let fedor and nog know that he is coming.

wandy has something to prove to himself!

Silva asked for Hunt?

I think this could be a bad match up for Silva style wise.I dont think he has the power to KO Hunt standing,if Hunt can eat a Cro Cop high kick and stand right up i dont think Silva's punching flurries will faze Hunt much.

Plus with 50 plus pounds Hunt should be able stop most of the takedowns,he did ok with Bobish who is a 320lb wrestler and is going to have a better sprawl then last time.

Guess we will see tonite!!!

Hunt was a very, very tough match-up for a guy like Vandereli. this loss did not drop Silva in the rankings IMO if anything he accounted himself very well. it was pretty obviuous LHW MMA Champ Vanderlei was not gonna knock out HW GP Champ Mark Hunt.

Silva has better wrsetling then i thought he had but he isnt has good on his back has i thought he would be.

That said- great fight Silva took some monster shots and never quit,and Hunt showed he could be a force for the other heavies with some more training.