Did the details of Sonnens hotel fight ever surface?

Just wondering if he has let out any further details yet.

Chael saved some lives and put the villains down

The End


No one tells on gangsters.

He got taken out like any gangster should. In handcuffs.

Pretty sure I messed that up but he said something like that before. Might have been at a UFC Q&A.


Yeah. Jon apologized for creeping Missus Chael and promised not to do it again. Chael accepted the apology.

Chael beat down 5 heathens while defending the sanctity of his wife. He is the anti-Jon Jones.

Also Chael predicted it:



I don’t know why I’m such a mark for this shit but I am.

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I actually held public office and I left the only way a person should… In handcuffs.

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Ah yes now I remember public office not gangster. I was close!

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