did u watch the fight with "liddell fans"??

just wanted to comment on how sick it was a few years ago that evrybody was a liidell "fan" and he was the man!! now after last night i was with guys who used to go ape shit for him now they all say he suck..hes fininshed.. never liked him.. i would say 90 % of mma fans are like that.. and if ur one ur a fake ass fan and go back to nintendo little hoes!!!! thats what chuck fans are little hoes!!! WAR TITO

Chuck is still "the man" in my book.

Even better are black guys who go apeshit whenever a black fighter wins.

Or the white guys who boo whenever a black fighter wins.

Or the mulato guys that have aneurysms because they're so conflicted.

 Or the UG who will bring up either to start a war on every thread.

"Or the mulato guys that have aneurysms because they're so conflicted."

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Can you say "War Tito....if it's a comfortable fight". I had to say it!!!!

I actually got to go to the show...wow people were booing like crazy and as soon as he got dropped people were leaving the arena and saying "bullshit"

Willis, that sucks that people are like that. How can people be so disrespectful and stupid. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I always will be a Liddell fan.....I didn't get to see the fight, but obviously from what I have heard...I do believe Rashad was the better man in that fight!.

SKARHEAD - Or the mulato guys that have aneurysms because they're so conflicted.


the booth next to us was dead silent while the rest of the place was going nuts.

Yeah everyone around me was booing and I think a couple of those country boys were in shock as they were cheering when Chuck came out, but they were silent as well when he dropped.
I think chucks a good fighter and I respect him, but watching Rashad, my money was on him. Wataching it, I could tell he did his homework cause all I kept thinking about was it looked like a replay of Quinton vs Chuck, but with a even more impressive knock out.

It's b/c they are fair-weather MMA fans. The UFC told everyone to be a Chuck fan, showed a couple of highlights, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.