Did you know?!

...that the British Judo Association has a Public Relations person?

I was reading the recent World of Judo magazine and they've got their players on the news, sports shows, even reality shows! Kate Howey is competing in something called "Superstars" where they pit Britain's best athletes in different sports and test who is the fittest.

Now if only all the political bullshit would end here in the US...


I had read about Brian Jacks being on Superstars in the Kerr/Seisenbacher book, and asked a Scottish guy I used to work with about it. This guy totally knew about Jacks from that show.

You don't need any politics to represent, just sign up.

So, American Gladiators (or Battlecade...or Slamball...) anyone?

Or 'Cops' (on the streets of San Jose)?

What about American Idol?

Didn't one of the Spice Girls recently do a publicity exhibition match?

That is cool that judo athletes are getting exposure

"Didn't one of the Spice Girls recently do a publicity exhibition match?"

Yeah, I think it was four contestants: Miss World, Gail Porter (a model), Scary Spice?, and someone else that is hot. All of them coached by Neil Adams. I think the Spice girl got injured and pulled out. All of them got honorary Green Belts after the contest.

Maybe we can get Jimmy Pedro to coach Vida Guerra, Jenna Jameson, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez. That would be ultimate.

shit, id go toe-to-tow with american gladiators inna heartbeat.. i may not win the event caue im not that fast, but i damn-well promise that i'd slam the shit outta one of them big-bastids in those wrestling contests.