Did you like the MM knee today

I want knees to return.

But I don’t think comparing headkicks to knees is exactly fair, simply for the fact you can throw and land 2-3 full power knees to someone’s head in the time it takes to throw and land just one headkick.

I love knees and stomps to downed opponent.

Would make it harder for “lay and prey” wrestle dudes to exploit the rules. Adds excitement. Makes it more real.

I’m OK with the knees & that was an awesome finish.

I can see why soccer kicks & stomps can be too much for people though- makes it look more like a street fight, especially to casual fans.

This tweet from Mighty Mouse himself after the Aljo/Yan fight tells you all you need to know:

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Here’s another knee to the head that cost a fighter a loss.

Yes to soccer kicks to the head.

I can’t see how a fan could advocate for this in all seriousness when it would put fighters in more danger and put MMA through more shit in terms of regulation. Seems kind of like a just bleed meathead approach

This is more what I’m thinking

This. People comparing to headkicks and standing knees are only referring to the force of the blow. They are conveniently ignoring leverage and the ability of the grounded opponent to defend/evade