Did you stick gum to tables or desks?

There was a kid in my first grade class that would always find the gum under tables and start chewing on it.  He would also lick the bottom of his shoe when we came in from recess.  He was like twice the size of the other kids and I think he had pica because he would pick at the walls and try to eat that as well.  

Nice enough guy though.  

That's neither here nor there though.  The point is, these things have consequences.  Let's raise the next generation better than our own and teach them never to stick gum to tables.

Had pica? Pickawinna? Phone Post 3.0

Wow, WFA all over this.  Damn.

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Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pica_%28disorder%29

I put them up my wrong fucking forum asshole Phone Post 3.0

OP has gum lodged in his wrong forum asshole.

I stick it to the WFA Phone Post 3.0

Fucking with gum is low life shit. I just tagged every desk / book in my high school. Phone Post 3.0

Let's teach them not to post in the wrong forum, asshole. Phone Post 3.0

Not. That's gross. Only wrap it gently into someones hair Phone Post 3.0