Didn't see any Bisping threads....

So just finished watching Bisping against Schaeffer.

What a fucking good fight!

Schaeffer obviously threatening with the subs but Bisping has shown he's more than just a good striker. His scrambling for half guard, escapes and getting back to the feet were fantastic. His striking was crisp and on target.

Man, just thought it was an all around great performance against a quality opponent.

TTT for The Count

needs to make the cut to 185

Needs a decent cycle of HGH and maybe some nutritional advice from Monson or Wanderlei, then he'll be a serious force to be reckoned with...

"he`ll never be a champ...but he is damn good."

Disagree. Aged 27, already very solid and now getting exposure to better training practices and nutritional info AND having the work ethic he obviously has, I think he may become a champ.

His height was listed as 6'2". He looks shorter than 6' to me. I guess we'd see with him standing in the ring with someone Tito or Chuck's size.

he looked good. sweet fight. i just dont know what level his opponent was

Eric Shafer is very very good o the ground, his standup is probably what keeps him out of the big shows. Definitely not an easy first time out for The Count

During his postfight interview, he said something about getting Schafer some "smelling salts". I was watching the fight with my daughter. Not understanding his accent, she asked "why does Bisping want to give him his smelly socks"? LOL

"Eric Shafer is very very good o the ground, his standup is probably what keeps him out of the big shows"

What do you consider the big shows? Two appearances on PPV for UFC not big enough for you?

His after fight speech was great. While not really all that classy, I still loved hearing that english bloke!!!

Schafer is a Matamoros/Sauer Brown belt and trains Muay Thai with Duke Roufus (to clear it up, he's good) He just quit his job a few weeks ago to concentrate full time on fighting. Bisping was good, but give Red time now that he is training full time he is/will be a force to reckon with at 205.


"the ability to easily transition from striking to wrestling to grappling."

That's a really good way to put it. He just seems constantly active towards winning at all times.

There were a few threads and yes he will be champ.

Yup, a great exciting fight with both guys actually trying to put the other guy away.
Congrats to Mike, and props to Red.

bisping will be champ one day. he was just a little rusty in the last fight, having not fought in months.

"I am not impressed with him...The UFC is using him to move into the UK market I bet!

His striking in the last match was less then impressive.
I do not see him doing anything big in the UFC."

Dude.... this was just silly talk, mma in the UK has exploded, they don't need bisping to do it for them, Cage Rage is a legit big show, with fighters
like a.silva, belfort, bisping who was champ, the now jailed lee murray, and i'm sure i've missed a few, as far as his striking goes.... he's KTFO'd everyone he's faced in the UFC not to mention his perfect record, so quit hating on everyone who isn't a yank.

Bisping showed a lot of maturity as a fighter in his last outing. Even when
caught in bad positions it looked like he always knew he would make it
out of it. The funny thing about Bisping is that he didn't need to go on the
reality show. He had a legit record and could have gone into the UFC
straight. But I think the training with Tito really helped him out so it
worked out okay for the guy.

After the tuf finals, Bisping said the UFC was good but fighting in PRIDE was his ultimate goal.He may have changed his mind but the next couple of years for him should be interesting.

He looked slick enough on the ground to get out of trouble, especially against someone who had a great ground game.

I really think 185 is the fit for him, if not he needs to really improve his wrestling to stay competitive with the best at 205.

I thought Bisping looked like shit. He needs to fight more to get rid of that ring rust.