Didn't you think he'd do better?!?

It's not that he lost, it's just HOW/HOW BADLY he lost!

Pulver's loss to Gomi

Babalu's 2nd loss to Chuck

Randy's 2nd loss to Chuck

Mishima's loss to Yves

Chonan's loss to Baroni

Vanderlei's loss to CroCop

hate to say it but...Karo's loss to Diego

Igor's loss to Overeem


gracie vs hughes

That's what makes MMA amazing. It's unpredictable.

You make it sound like Karo got demolished, that was a close fight.

I only thought Gracie would have done better, because it would have been almost impossible to have been worse.

At no time did I think it was going to be competitive.

newshack beat me to it

Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn I

Randy's 2nd loss to Chuck = thumb in the eye (wasn't it?)

Ken/Tito I

Kondo's to Baroni

Jens V. Gomi was a great fight up to the knock out. They stood there and traded exchanges. It was very clear the size differents between the two fights but Jens still stood in the pocket and thru with Gomi.

Trigg Vs GSP. Trigg got whooped pretty bad.

"Kondo's to Baroni"

I thought that one would be more competitve too, but the way Baroni came out swinging, I new it was gonna be over early

How about Shamrocks last 4 fights?

Riggs vs. Swick

Leben vs. Silva

Karo Diego was not a draw, no way. Competitive yes, but Diego clearly won. No favoritism there he just outworked him

Riggs vs Hughes.

"Ken/Tito I"

I will second that...