Diego= baby, Sanford ripped off!

Qhoever casted this show did a great job- you have some serious freaks on there.

I know Sanchez is young but what a selfish little prick. Nothing more frustrating than someoen you cant even communicate with.

Loudin or whatever is suck a poser

Chris got ripped. Why did they vote guys off instead of fight. Randy wants the toughest fighter on the mat....all I saw in training was Leben tapping.

I don't think they should have let the coaches bring their own students on the show. Totally biased.

I think Leben still belongs there, but I will be surprised if he makes it to the end. There are pleanty of fighters that have showed more than him so far.

"all I saw in training was Leben tapping"

key word: training

in a fighting show, atleast let them fight!