Diego / Glover compete 2morrow...

Tomorrow is Best of the West w/ the following lineup w/ my picks. What are yours?

Round Robin 185 lbs

Diego Sanchez

Cassio Werneck

Jake Shields

Justin Garcia

I'll say Diego goes 3-0, followed by Shields going 2-1, followed by Cassio then Justin Garcia

Round Robin 147 lbs

Jeff Glover
Rany Yahrya
Andre Soares

...I'll say Yahrya goes 2-0 by beating Jeff on points and submits Soares, Jeff goes 1-1 and submits Soares.

Man I dont know who to pick for 185...but for 147 I think Jeff will do what he always does - win! TTT for Jeff


LOL you guys do not know that Soares subed Glover already and only lost to him as well on point on his Soares forst no gi tournament


Interesting. Didn't know that. I'll change my pick to Glover over Soares by points instead of submission.

garcia at 185 is a beast.....

ttt for justin