Diego has sexual abuse issues, according to Fabia

Doug and I had a debate on this, and maybe his experience isnt embellished. Everyone is different. However there is a big difference between a few times a year and daily if not all day daily use. Kratom isnt heroin (kratom is a partial mu agonist opioid other opiates are total agonists meaning they have more affinity to bind to receptors), and everyone reacts differently to quitting substances, but it can definitely cause physical withdrawals for some people who have abused it heavily.

No free lunches.


The crazy part is that I believe Fabia is batshit crazy but I also believe some of the stuff he says about Diego. Diego has always been a head case and no surprise that after an ugly divorce they are going to air out one another’s dirty laundry.

I use it when my back gets too bad for basic pain killers. I will not take hydrocodone or oxy or any of that shit, but a couple days of kratom tea and relaxing and Im usually back to normal.

I honestly never had enough of it to get a buzz, tastes like shit and I use it sparingly.


Absolutely right about that. I was a habitual user, OPMS gold extract capsules everyday for a couple years. Got off three times with each time quitting being psychologically harder and withdrawal symptoms being more brutal.

Never again.

Also the worst symptoms are at night, trying to sleep with restless legs. Fucking brutal.

Agreed it’s not heroin and the withdrawals are probably a walk in the park compared to that shit.

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Sounds like you’re using it responsibly. Still something to be careful with.

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Yea OPMS extracts are another level and definitely riskier than raw leaf. Their name itself says enough. O P M, oh pee em, opium…


Yeah, Fabia is abusing him.

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I don’t know, I have a strange trust in the guy. I’ll tell you what, my family goes on vacation in June and I’m thinking of getting me some of that meth that makes you gay. I already subscribed to Diego’s OF but still haven’t paid for the private stuff. Maybe I’ll get high and cough up a few rubles? I will report on the findings.


Regardless of what’s true, saying he’s sexually abused and addicted and taking zero Responsibility are all just stupid asshole things that make me see that the things said about him are true.


I actually learned about the stuff at these forums. I was glad to find something that helped. Herniated discs are a motherfucker.

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Agreed. The church has loosened its views on some things, but I highly doubt he could be canonized after what he and Josh have done together.

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Are you me?

There’s likely some kernels of truth here, but that doesn’t change anything about Fabia being an absolute piece of shit for taking advantage of a mentally compromised Diego, then airing (and likely embellishing) his dirty laundry publicly to try and save some face after the split.
Human garbage.


Oxy is still used? Not banned yet?

this, up & down.

major bitch move. this is something a scorned ex girlfriend would do.

this guy is a serious piece of shit who cares only about himself, i could hear about him getting jumped tomorrow & it would probably make me laugh


What a piece of trash. I hope Fabia gets sued. I met Diego once at a signing. He came acting like big business but once he sat down he was really nice to the fans.


He is picking the wrong things to say. Fuck that guy.


If he was Diego’s friend he wouldn’t air out their issues, and do his best to ruin his legacy. This dude is a fucking leech, and karma is going to destroy him when it comes around. Fabia is still mad Diego put a restraining order on him.

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He was abused by you, you George Town bullshit artist.

I used kratom for three or four years. Helped with back pain and generally gave me unlimited energy. Quitting was a horrible time. It wasn’t just seven days. It was more like six months before I started to feel normal again. It probably is pretty harmless if you use it a couple times a week. The benefits of it were great. Whoever says there are no withdrawals is full of shit. I used green Malay powder. Toss and wash. Two teaspoons a day. One in the morning and one at lunch.

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