He just shoved Koscheck during their stand-off at the weigh-ins. He doesn't have Hep-c folks.

"He's not fighting. Dont you people know anything about business?"

You were the guy that started that rumor. You suck and swallow.

Why would anyone think Diego wasn't fighting?

Why Duke doesn't have his account frozen right now is beyond me

"Why Duke doesn't have his account frozen right now is beyond me"


If that bullshit doesn't get you banned then the UG is not paying attention at all. DukeMatisse you are a punk ass bitch

seems to be banned, before I could do it

Well, the thread was removed, so I guess someone was reading it.

There were two other people on that thread that "confirmed" the rumor through their "connections".

"seems to be banned, before I could do it"

Yeah, his comment that I responded to at the top of the thread is now gone. Thank you mods.

EvilMaster, that guy started a thread saying Diego tested positive for Hep-C and wouldnt be fighting

Oh jesus...lol...Not true.

Damn fight sporters have been real bad lately...We should have the place fumigated or something..

yeah, the people claiming to confirm it should be banned too

Ban OMA!! He said he called Greg Jackson's camp and comfirmed the rumors were true....

^^^Tru dat. OMA, you fuck, you^^^

I don't know, the thread is deleted I believe

The asshole who started the rumor should definitely be banned. OMA (who confirmed the rumor) should also be banned, not that it will ever happen.

TTT for OMA's excuse/groveling for forgiveness

everyone raise your lighter for Diego on Saturday nite:)


I asked on his other thread and was told to get over it. Not buy OMA, but some other douche.