Diego Sanchez appreciation thread

Even if you aren't a fan of Diego, here's some things about him:

1) isn't a dull personality. He might be awkward or weird sometimes, but I welcome that to a cookie cutter, boring type.

2) the most boring fight he's been in years was almost 6 years ago vs. Jon Fitch, and really wasn't that bad.

3) he made a Clay Guida fight exciting for fuck's sake.

4) his style matched with Gomi is guaranteed excitement. Phone Post

Diego is the fucking man. My favourite fighter ever. Always delivers an exciting fight even when losing, he has the heart of a lion and will never, ever stop coming forward, and that isnt touching on the bizarre things he's done. The YES! deal, the entrance with the giant crucifix, walking out to La Bamba and seemingly snarling the lyrics, stevia, shit, the guy is just a legend point blank. Phone Post

Im hoping he runs right over Gomi in the 3rd.

I feel he would of beat Ellenberger had that main event been 5 rounds like it should have. Ellenberger was done.

He may be eccentric, but this was classic:

Mauro Ranallo's Mic - He may be eccentric, but this was classic:

Fuken ey! That might be the best MMA-moment ever. Absolute legend!

Diego always fucking brings it

One of my dream match ups is Sanchez vs Anderson that would be awesome can't wait to see him fight lauzon Pettis or Diaz Phone Post

Hopefully he does 155 right this time.

Lol old school boxing

Love Diego. One of my favourite fighters easily. Always comes to fight, win or lose. Phone Post

In like Flynn. One of my favorites and hopefully he fights a little more often after this weekend.

I'm doing some YES! cartwheels as we speak. Phone Post

love Diego, love Gomi...........it's a great fight but either way will be a little sad to see whover loses. I think it's almost inevitable that Diego will break Gomi with Cardio