Diego thread

I'm guessing Diego will have to use boxing,knee's and his guard tonight so hopefully he will use something different from his back such as rubberguard or atleast the gogoplata.

intresting fight I cant choose a winner but pulling for Diego even knowing he is strange.

We'll see now

it shall be an exciting fight

well he lost but will he come back with a knew image and win the title?

He could change his image by pulling a tito and play Mr.Nice guy.

What should he do to improve?

I think if you cant out strike the guy or take him down then it's a must to pull guard and that might have won him the fight.

Horn used this to beat Liddel but that doesnt mean it will work everytime but it is your best option since if you stand you'll get ktfo or have a boring fight.

Fighters seem scared to pull guard these days