Diego vs Koscheck -For Title Shot?

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Diego vs Koscheck for a shot at the title?

In recent history there have been some memorable battles in the Octagon. It appears that Diego Sanchez may very well be scheduled for another epic bout very soon. Fresh off his win vs. the favored Karo Parisyan, Sanchez is now being considered for a title shot against current champion Matt Hughes. There are few challenges that could stand in his way if you examine the top of the UFC's welterweight division.

BJ Penn comes to mind, but he is facing someone on Spike TV's Ultimate Fight Night rumored to feature Shamrock/Ortiz III in October. Georges St. Pierre is facing Hughes at UFC 63 and Sean Sherk is dropping to the lightweight division. Who's left? One name comes to mind....Josh Koscheck. Koscheck and Sanchez had a memorable battle on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter that saw Diego get the decision victory. Since then both have gone on to great success and Diego has main evented two cards and won both contests.

When MaXfighting spoke with sources close to the Koscheck camp they all but confirmed that this would happen and the winner would get a title shot against whoever is champion at the time. The fight has not been signed and things can change, but as of right now the clash of the two season one veterans looks to be happening sometime soon.

Source: www.maxfighting.com

So, basically...

Matt Hughes has shots set up vs.
-GSP (he may be hurt?)
-Winner of TUF
-Winner of DIego/Koscheck?

That's like a year of fights....