Diesel was Robbed



Riggs has got to be the most unlucky fighter in all of MMA.  I mean damn!  Dude just can't catch a break. 

Unlucky how about The Pav...



James Thomson

Be honest, some of you guys don't care if this happens to Riggs, do you?

bs stoppage

KenP - Unlucky how about The Pav...



James Thomson

 Red Headed stepchild Pav


I still haven't seen the finish. Anyone got a gif?

Horrible, horrible fight also.

Bad stoppage, no question.


The early stoppage issue should be addressed with American refs imo. Its always gonna be discretionary on the part of the judges but in this case Riggs clearly was not "out" so whats the harm in letting it go on further for a more DEFINITIVE stop?

Bad Stoppage, but it happens.

Joe, you have all the skills brother. Keep moving forward and win the next one. You're a huge draw with an army of fans. Just keep your eyes on the prize and train like never before. Hope you and your family are good.

TTT the Diesel

RampageBySlamKo, That was depressing as shit. Good find.If I had to put my money on it, I'd bet that what happened to Gerald McClellan was more from cumulative dammage over his career, than one definitive punch in that last fight. Keep in mind, he has had a LOT af ammy fights before he went pro.

10 oz gloves allow more dammage to be taken long term than 4oz, so I'm glad MMA reffs are erring on safety. Even if once in a while it is an early call. You have to ask, whats more importaint.

That said, Riggs got screwed, but it's not like the reff was out to get him..


Tough stoppage.

He is lucky he has you.

Don't let him get down.

Get him back in there fast.