Diesel was Robbed

 Way too quick for a Main

 Clearly intelligently defending

Definitely a premature stoppage.


Yep. Robbed indeed. :(

uh oh its...........................whambulance time for da babies!!!!!!!

Whambulance my ass. That was a shitty stoppage.

 More like MMA debate KKM

Bullshit stoppage

 Not one got through on Riggs

Josh Rosenthal is a piece of shit and owes me $30.Why wasn't the Dean of herb the ref of that match?I'm canceling my Playboy subscription. Fuck Hugh Hefner and his shitty events.

stfu CREAM. Riggs got robbed.

 He may not be out there to screw them, but in the process of being a shitty ref he is doing it!

idiots if u dont defend they stop the fight. good call and...............................waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

irondentist - So you guys think Brandon Vera got robbed too? Pffffttt. So you guys want to see a fighter get brain damaged when his only answer is to cover his head with his arms?

Agreed. The ref isn't out there to screw fighters.

nope. they just do so when they stop fights when someone takes 3 unanswered shots to the wrists.

 Those wrist shots can be devastating ......

armondo garcia was probably thinking, "damnit. i couldn't fuck joe riggs over 1 more time in cali. maybe.... YES!!!! good stoppage josh! that's 14 for CSAC... 0 for riggs and vernon white."

 I am not saying they do it to screw anyone.... Just that screwing fighters is a result of shitty reffing.

Maybe I am wrong.

Misaki got him good with that shot you got to admit : )

it was a bad call. period. no predetermined screwjob. however bad ref decision making (rosenthal, murggs, and yamasaki (sometimes)) screws fighters. screws em from victory, doubling their purse, and ammunition for future negotiations.

refs have a shitty job. they have all the power to make fights good or bad. lesnar smashing mir... hits him behind the head once and he gets a point deducted as well as getting restarted out of his dominant position. refs are what make rashad evans and tito go to a draw. where was the point deduction during florian vs sherk when kenny was going through the mat but held the cage? no warning. nothing. refs can make or alter a fight. they can't be over ruled either during the fight. they make the call and that is it. so when they make cunt decisions like josh did tonight, fans can express their opinions on message boards.