What do you think is a good diet for dropping weight rappidly without being like a girl.

Damn that's a pretty interesting meal MRMAKO... where/how did you
come up with that?

Also I'd recommend maybe substituting/adding a (plain) baked sweet
potato if you find yourself starving...yams are one of the healthiest P4P
foods available

If you'd like more healthy recipes check this out :

Meal #1

2 servings brocolli,
Isopure Protein shake,
1 cup All Bran w/Extra Fiber and Skim Milk

Meal #2

2 servings spinach,
1/2 pound turkey breast,
1 Apple

Meal #3

Isopure shake with Flax seed,
2 servings prunes

Meal #4

2 cups lettuce,
chicken breast

Meal #5

Isopure shake with Fish Oil

are those all in one day?

In case Brian doesn't get this... yes they would be one day's worth.

To me his recommended diet looks more a lot like that of an athlete
keeping calories down, e.g. a bodybuilder during a cut phase.

MRMAKO's to me looks well thought-out but extremely strict...I know I
couldn't go to many days eating like that. My workouts would be
completely flat if that's all I had coming in (I'm assuming you plan to
work out while losing this weight, right?)

The two greatest habits I can recommend are:
1. eat smaller meals more often
2. avoid saturated/trans fats, sugar, and processed foods (so you'll
need to read the FDA labels to learn you way around)

The following is solid advice in greater detail... found it on another

thread but not sure which

10 Tips for fat loss, in simplest terms.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

At least a gallon of water should be consumed every day. Water will not
only keep your body hydrated, but it will help carry waste out of your
body. Avoid "designer" water and carbonated "water". These products,
while still better than most beverages, are not water and do not carry
the same benefits. "But I don't like water" you say. Learn to love it. It
loves you.

  1. Eat 5-8 meals per day, every 2-3 hours.

This should be nothing new to anyone. Just in case, the primary reason
for increasing the frequency of food consumption is to increase your
metabolic rate. If your body is in a constant state of using up the
calories you consume, there won't be much room for those nasty fat
cells to start filling up. If possible, you should try to count your calorie
consumption. 10xyour body weight= calories per day. So if I want to
lose weight and I weigh 205lbs then I should shoot for 2050 calories
per day. Eat more, not less.

  1. If it breathes, eat it.

Your diet should consist of an abundance of fish, poultry, lean cuts of
beef, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Natural food is much friendlier to
your digestive system and your body will thank you for it. Try to eat a
vegetable with every meal. Even if you don't want to count calories,
these meals will provide a rich balance of nutrients and promote fat
loss. If you're a vegetarian, please go and try to feed some hummus to
a lion. Let me know if he likes it.

  1. Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day.

Most people don't eat a good breakfast, if they eat anything at all. This
meal is crucial. Remember how your body works better when in a
constant metabolic state? Well, you just slept for 8 hours, and you
weren't eating anything. Your body is starving and if you don't eat
something soon, your metabolism will slow down and begin to store
that fat you've worked so hard to get rid of. The best things to eat in
the morning when focusing on fat loss are nuts and meat. Try to avoid
sugars this early, as your body is highly insulin sensitive after a fast
and you don't want to feed the beast when it's most hungry.

  1. Eat something before bed.

A popular myth in the diet world is that any meal consumed before bed
will turn into fat overnight. This couldn't be further from the truth. You
must eat before you sleep in order to keep your metabolism working
while you're enduring an extended fast. The best foods to eat are
slow-digesting proteins such as yogurt or cottage cheese.

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil.

This widely popular sweetener is probably the single worst "food" you
can subject your body to. It holds no nutritional value and will serve
only to spike your insulin levels and help you pack on fat. HFCS is
found in most processed foods and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Forget about "carbs"

The recent trend of demonizing carbohydrates has got to stop. They're
not as bad as people think. Focus on whole grains and vegetables and
fruits. These are all carbohydrate-rich foods, and all very helpful in
promoting fat loss. Things to avoid are refined carbs. Basically,
anything that's fake: white bread and bagels, refined sugar, most
breakfast cereal and almost anything in the "snack" aisle. Also, be
careful of packaged, dried fruit. Most of it has added HIGH FRUCTOSE
CORN SYRUP which instantly destroys any nutritional value the fruit
may have provided.

  1. Fish oil is your friend.

This is a tough one. This one is even tough for me. Fish oil comes in
capsules now, so you don't have to taste it going down, but you will
taste it throughout the day, and that's not fun. However, with that said,
fish oil is a huge help in reducing body fat. And it's relatively
inexpensive. Again, this will be a tough one to swallow (pun intended),
but if you really want to get that six-pack, it will sure help.

  1. Train your body with weights.

This should be obvious, but for some reason, it's overlooked. The
average person feels that cardio alone will help promote fat loss. In
fact, steady state cardiovascular work will put your body in a catabolic
state, burn muscle as well as fat, and will increase your performance at
running on a treadmill, or using a recumbent bike or elliptical machine,
depending on what you're doing. By training your body with weights,
you will increase your muscle density. Muscle tissue will burn calories
at a rate that is roughly 70 times that of fat. Basically, the more muscle
you have, the easier it will be to lose fat. Now, especially for the
women, increasing muscle density is not the same as increasing
muscle size. You will not look like "those women" on ESPN with all the
rippling muscles. These women work very hard to look like that, and
you will never look like them unless you absolutely want to, and train
to that end. Bottom line, weight training is key to fat loss.

  1. Don't follow the rules 100% of the time.

How will you ever make progress if you're miserable with your diet? If
you love to drink blue slurpees and eat snickers bars, then don't
eliminate them completely from your diet. Taking a break from time to
time is actually a good thing. This doesn't give you license to start
eating everything in sight or to order the 5-5-5 from Dominoes for
yourself, but one day per week you can go a little nuts, just keep it
under control. This serves two purposes. One, the diet will be easier to
stick to when you can keep eating the foods you really enjoy from time
to time. Two, your metabolism will get a nice kick-start and begin
working overtime to move all those sugars and calories around that it
isn't used to.

Good advice RULEDOGG!!

I started the paleo diet two and a half weeks ago and have lost 6 lbs, I keep track of what I'm eating on fitday. The weight loss may not be rapid enough for your purposes, but if you're more strict than I am I'm sure you'll lose a lot more weight quicker.

Basically, I eat turkey/chicken/fish/eggs/beef/etc for protein, raw veggies/fruits for carbs, and nuts/oils for fat. No dairy, grain, etc. Surprisingly, I don't crave any of the stuff I previously subsisted on (rice, bread, corn, dairy) and I don't feel any more sluggish. Ratio of protein-carbs-fat is 30-40-30. I eat 5 meals a day, 3 decent sized ones and 2 snacks.

I'm eating in Zone Diet proportions and logging my food intake on Fitday. The amount of calories I eat is pretty consistent with the calorie restriction Fitday calculates for losing 2 lbs per week, which is around 1,000 a day (supposedly I need around 2500 calories to maintain my weigh so ideally I should only eat 1500 a day or more if I exercise).

In the first two weeks, I lost 6 lbs . 4 lbs the first week with 3x30 minutes of rowing and even with one enourmous cheat meal (chinese buffet) and basically a whole cheat day later in the week when I had to work over night (7 pieces of fried chicken, 2 cupcakes, donuts). I'm sure with more exercise and actually sticking to just 1500 calories, I could've lost a bit more.

The second week I lost 2 lbs, that week I didn't exercise and didn't restrict calories by 1000 like I should have, and had a larger cheat meal in the middle of the week and smaller one later in the week. Despite that, I still lost weight.

This week, I plan on just one smaller cheat meal and sticking closer to 1500 calories a day. The cheat meals are not at all necessary as I don't crave the food, but I'm not gonna isolate myself completely from eating out with friends.

I'll see how long I stick with it, but it seems great so far. Pretty effortless weighloss actually.

This is good....


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Received this from a forum member via MySpace bullitin

Best Wishes in health and training.

Machete #747

RuleDog - are you a Dr. ha damn son....Yeah anyway Im going to be working out the whole time I already will make LHW for my fight but I was thinkin drop alittle bit of bady fat so I dont gas as quikly and have a slith speed advantage. I need to lose weight as it is im stating to look like Butterbean being only 5'8 and weighing over 200.

Nacirema - that diet sounds great its alot like the above but less sugar..I wouldnt have the daily sweets like you have been. Ill probabaly stick more to the natural foods.

Ill check that site out.


The sample diet I posted would be a typical day (yes 5 meals).

That diet has worked great for me if I need to drop weight fast, but still have energy to train.

The idea is to eat low GI fruits for energy, lots of poultry and fish for protein, vegetables for fiber and general health, and some supplements to fill in any gaps.

If I don't need to drop weight that quickly I will add some more carbs such as a few servings of oats and maybe a bananna or two. I also might eat some lean red meat once in a while to keep my sanity.

"The idea is to eat low GI fruits for energy, lots of poultry and fish for protein, vegetables for fiber and general health, and some supplements to fill in any gaps."

Thanks very very simple good stuff.

following Rudedogg's advice has caused me around 20 lbs of weight loss in 2 months.

of course, i cheat on the weekends.

i don't work out enough either.

also outside of weightloss my body composition is better as well.

still a long road to go...