Difference between Judo & Bjj common sense look

Here's a good video that examines the common sense differences between Judo and Bjj:


Taraje is a heck of a judo player and has excellent quickness and armbars. A guy who will be successful in BJJ. Very good basic breakdown of why BJJ players end up in guard and judo players end up in turtle. To avoid the opponent scoring maximum points.

2x Olympian and a really nice guy.

Rhadi makes a lot of good points there. It's hard to describe sometimes what the differences are but I think of it this way

-ground game that dovetails with throws means a strong emphasis on side control positions (kesa etc). If you think about it, many throws slide right into kesa or juji
-more sophisticated turtle attacks
-opportunistic subs vs multi-layered setups
-deemphasised / less complex guard work and thus guard attacks, passes etc

-mount to BJJ is what kesa is to judo
-layers upon layers of submission, counters, recounters, fakes etc
-guard and its variations (obviously)
-less understanding of turnovers and pinning

These are just IMHO. Having said that, it takes about 5 seconds to spot a judoka on the ground. I feel like BJJScout should do an analysis on something like this


Very good analysis. How many tims did that guy tap? And who is he? An irony is how good Ronda is with armbars. Usually you don't se a judoka against other world class grapplers finishing skills that wins all her fights. Armbars are just the finish.

Thanks :)

I have no idea who the BJJer is in that clip...nor how I found it (one of those YT suggests things maybe).

Judo vs BJJ is a little like porn. I can't define it but I know it when I see it. It's very, very clear when a guy has a a judo background I think.