Differences in regional bjj

I plan on competing in the Gracie United tournament and it will be the first tournament for me on the west coast. My question is, for those who travel more to compete, do you notice a difference in the level of bjj from region to region. I.E. are guys on the east coast more technical, do guys in the midwest focus more on wrestling, are some guys flashy and are some guys just plain tougher to tap? Thanks


It always varies, depending on the concentration of Bjj in the area, areas with heavier concentrations will usually have a higher level of competition.

different regions also have diffrent syle influences.

Cali is much more No-Gi based, so you are going to see alot of flashy techniques coming from them.

The south has a lot of Brazilian trainers and so you have alot of slower paced matches.

East coast = ATT

ATT = winning

East Coast = winning