Digital Grappling: new online BJJ learning tool

An interesting new online BJJ learning tool from Nic Gregoriades, founder of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Nic created it after being unable to find a suitable online tool for the grappling mind maps he used in his own training. for After nearly 2 years in development, the first version of Digital Grappling has been released.


“This is a project which I’ve spent hundreds of hours on and I’m very proud of it. To see something that was ony a small seed in my mind develop into a fully functioning like this is really satisfying, especially as there is nothing else out there like it.”  said Gregoriades.

Dubbed “The world’s first active jiu jitsu resource”, Digital Grappling differentiates itself from other instructional material by dynamically adjusting itself to the user’s input, allowing for a ‘virtual jiu jitsu simulation’.


According to Gregoriades “The game adapts to the player’s choices and has been built using my 15 years of grappling experience to make it an accurate approximation of a real bjj match. It’s the ideal resource for when you can’t actually make it to the mat.”

Learn more and take a free trial at

Nic talks through a demonstration

Hmmm very interesting, I have a couple of guys that I train with that do mind mapping for jiu jitsu and it works really well for them.

I've never been able to do it. It just doesn't seem to gel with me. Never really learnt that way at school either. Maybe this we'll help and be a good learning tool! Cheers jsho! Phone Post 3.0

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