Dillashaw is overrated

I get that. I love exciting fights as well. And in my initial post I did point out it seems most who hold TJ in high regard do so based on performances rather than opponents. I don’t think performances alone are a very good measurement of ability.

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We’re all entitled to dumb ass opinions every now and then.


Dont be jealous because he graduated and you didn’t


Sure are. Watch it again, Cruz’ strikes did almost nothing.

You goddamn 100 Kiriks confuse me. I hate you all.

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Whereas the snake did what damage? I recall Cruz getting his leg hurt but who knows what caused that.

And us Kiriks, we’re legion. Top men amongst the top. You’re welcome

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Nobody did much the whole 5 rds, but it seemed like Cruz was always throwing on his bicycle and doing zero damage. Just my opinion. I was shocked when he got the cards.

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This is one of those lines of attacks that can be done against any top level fighter.

Barrao and Garbrandt were both on top of the world when TJ beat them. TJ went toe to toe with Cruz in as close a decision fight as you’re likely to see.

TJ was a stud. We’ll see if he still is.


Agree. TJ is an amazing fighter.

His biggest weakness is his chin which you cant really improve.

Its always sad to see a fighter still have skill to fight but the a light breeze on the chin puts them to sleep.

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Yep, skill wise TJ is elite but his chin really hurts him. He gets wobbled rather easily and in the fight game this matters a little bit

TJ and Pico are similar as they have great skill sets but limited by their chin

Yea. Reminds me of dudes like Mike Brown, Nate Marquart, etc who eventually had to retire.

All the skills in the world but no chin.

What makes you guys think he has a weak chin?

Got rocked by Cody, but so did Cruz and most people Cody fought.

Got rocked by Cejudo after looking like Christian Bale in the Machinist.

Other examples?


TJ forever gets a pass in my book for his dispatching of Gardbrandt. Thank you TJ!


TKoed by Dodson.

I feel like he has been dropped here and there in other fights.

Was that at 125 or 135? Dodson had serious power. Dropped MM, too.

Beat Cruz. If anything he’s underrated. Should have dominated the p4p discussion before he popped


I think the cut to 125 didn’t help that at all vs Henry.

He hasn’t been dropped that much previously. Didn’t he take some pretty good shots vs Cody?

Ah, I used Google. 135. I’ll say it was a while ago, and Dodson had legit power.

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Which side of the cafeteria did you guys sit on, the White or Black?


Overacted AF

Most of yall think he’s overrated because you don’t like him since he popped for EPO. Just be honest about it at least.

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