Din Thomas & Jeff Monson Win!

Din Thomas & Jeff Monson both won their scheduled Boxing matches tonight!Din won a 4 round unanimous decision. Din looked like a veteran out there, using his superior hand speed and defense on his way to victory.Jeff K.O.'d his opponent in the 2nd round.Congratulations to both fighters. Also, congrats to Ismael on his big win.Thanks to our coach Howard Davis Jr. for getting the guys ready.American Top Team

Awesome news.

TTT for ATT!

congrats guys

ttt! I was going to go out there tonight but the ticket prices were crazy.

man, monson is knocking people out? that is scary.
what a bad ass.

monson is the man.

Howard Davis Jr.

Isn`t he the ex-lightweight boxing champ or is that another Howard Davis Jr.?

Congrats guys those win kick ass. Ismael suprised me almost as much as Tarver tonight. I thought Kurt Paige would have given him a good fight. And Jeff out there Ko'ing people too. Almost all ATT Ko's except for Din. Dammit Din quit slacking, this the KO club.

That's awesome.

Congrats Dinyero!


Team Fu (Wanger + Dave)


WIllie Duit- Yes, Howard Davis Jr. is the former Olympic Gold Medalist from '76, and former lightweight fighter. He is our full time boxing coach. He is a great trainer with no ego. He also has tremendous respect for all the MMA guys. He loves the sport.American Top Team

Dammit I knew I should of took that job in Port ST Lucie.


Look forward to seeing Jeff at the Texas Submission CHallenge



Is Aaron Riley still training with ATT?
If so whats next for him?

Here's a recent interview with Aaron Riley about training with the American Top Team and his future plans


thanks johnny

do you have any info on "Boca"? i believe this is his nickname.