din's passing

was some of the slickest and seemingly most easy passes i've seen recently in a big show

seemed effortless

was wondering wether it was just that easy or can we expect that more often

He's dead? =(



That scared me :(

oh sorry


His initial takedown was one of the best I have seen in MMA in a long time. Perfectly set up with punches and executed with flawless technique and incredible speed. His guard passing was also phenomenal, great technique and very smooth. That pass is one of my favorites.

oh yeah, RIP.

Anybody got a .gif of his passes?

Uncle Freddy's dead????? They killed Uncle Freddy!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Intentionally misleading thread title

"That little dance made me not like him. Just like Rashad's stupid dance made me not like him..."

Who cares about the dance...he's an excellent fighter. If a dance makes you not like him...you were obviously never a fan.

Great transitions. Rest in Peace! ;)

ATTN: Kirik, please edit the thread title to say "Din's Guard passing"

RIP Din's Grard

condolences to june carter thomas.

damn, RIP dude.

The dancing was funny as hell, anyone who was seriously put of by it should go clean the sand out of their vag.

Let's try and keep this thread clean guys and show respect for our fallen brother, Din would have wanted it that way.

lol @ the repsponses.

Yeah, his passing was pretty darn impressive. I love watching that guy, he's tough and got alot of skills.

lol yeah dude your title scared me there for a second! But I agree, Din is one slick dude!

He will always be remembered as a very nice guy & and a very good fighter! My god...does anyone know how he died??!!