diplopia "double vision"

I hope someone can help me here.I have transient diplopia when I really exert myself such as ....heavy lifting during takedowns,and when I wrestle at 100 % speed.My doctor has done several exams ,ct,mri,e.e.g, and etc. he feels that I have probable ms.Has anyone else had this problem ?btw,not being funny it happens often during and right after sex. Of course I'm not going to quit doing that. Thanks again

Is the diplopia,vertical or horizontal? Is it binocular diplopia(both eyes open) or do you still have it monocularly(one eye shut).How long does the diplopia last?

M.S. could be a reason,when body temp goes up it can cause some weird M.S. type symptoms.

It's vertical ,and yes it's binocular.I failed to mention that hot showers also can cause me problems.My neuro said my heart and blood presure were fantastic ,and that I was in good shape for a guy my age.The diplopia dosen't usually last more than an hour,and often puts me to sleep.I wake up and everything is better .It has occured when I'm driving and that is dangerous.Thanks again

Did the MRI show any demyelinating plaques? Also did they do a dilated eye exam and visual field?

The mri looked good ,and so did my visual field.The doctor has put me on anaproic acid 250 mg.I also tend to get vertigo often as well.

Damm dude ,other than some eye muscle imbalance,Iam thinking M.S. also.

Yeah that's what I'm afraid of!My uncle is an optometrist,and he said the muscles look good.I've seen an neuropthomologist also.He too couldn't find aproblem with my eye.So if it is ms should I continue to wrestle?Well,I'm going to as long as I can.

Definitely sounds like a symptom of MS, although I'd be surprised that the MRI didn't show any plaques.

Google "Uhthoff's Sign" - sounds like what is going on.

I've noticed this past week that a mild tranqualizer seems to help with the hot shower. Could this be some form of a seizure?

Many problems can cause diplopia. I certainly wouldn't jump to a MS diagnosis, although its possible. What is your age, sex, ethnicity/background? What are your other symptoms? Are you experiencing a lot of fatigue? Any abnormal sensations?

I'm 34 years old ,my legs seem to fall a sleep very often on me.If I sit down for a few minutes then my legs go to sleep or just feel real numb.My doctor said he thought it was probable ms,but a diagnosis of ms could take years.Also I get these unusual vertigo sensation that is very brief.Could stress or anxiety be the cause of diplopia?I do normally with ms the diplopia will last for several days or months.Mine comes and goes and usually dosen't last longer than a few hrs.My biggest concern is should I be very concerned about practicing mma?