Direction of MMA

It's been a while since posting on this site. It is soooo great to see how well things are going with MMA.

Last night I was in my boy's Jeremy "The Scorpion" Jackson's corner and it felt like home. Total Combat was a nice venue and it was a great win for Jeremy.

Much Respect and God Bless,
Robert Ferguson

Are you still working with Arturo Gatti or any other pro boxers?

The Prince of Leglocks returns!

SIFU!!!! It's fitting that you came by today of all days...


Any plans to step back into the cage/ring in MMA?

Who would you like to fight in your first 5 fights (assuming you win them all)?


Wow, a name from the past! Funny, but you came up on another thread. What kind of training are you doing these days?

April Follies Day!

The legend has returned

Any plans to fight again?

MMA needs Ferg.


where did you go?!


Quick! Someone post that vid of Fergie getting choked by a Gracie..

Robert can you email my matchmaker(Mike Camp) at please?