Disagreement with friend on MMA

He said that MMA sucks for the street

I disagreed because the MMA guy can be cheap aswell

so he takes me over to the internet after and says watch this stuff it's what works on the streets

check it out and let me know what you think after you watch the video


Here are 2 video's I showed him in return



Too deadly for the cage, imo.

Why is it that I've never seen a Systema technique or drill executed at full speed? Its always very slow and "Flowy". I think if they showed the dude pulling that stuff off at full speed people wouldn't bag n the art so much.

LMAO @ that shit

Tell your friend that MMA enhances and is easily transferable to street/combatives situations.

On the other hand, the reverse doesn't apply.

after watching the shogun video he still wasnt convinced

This guy is an awesome streetfighter how can you pick systema over Shogun

unrealistic choice pride is as real as it gets.

"he told me that we could go faster if we wanted, but we would get hurt."

Kinda sounds like the old "We don't spar cause our style is too deadly"...just reworded. The problem with that is if you don't spar then how do you know it will work on resisting opponents? I can understand that things in combatives that are no brainers have to be simulated (eye gouging, biting etc..) but as far as stand up work and ground game that should be done as hard as possible without actually trying to injure your training partners (and yes there is a big difference between trainig hard and trying to injure).

Even Knife work can be done at full speed. Get a wooden training knife, everyone puts on headgear with face masks (plexi) and you just start stabbing the shit outta each other. You'll know you've been "stabbed" as it will definetly hurt and I would think it would be more advantageous to train that way as opposed to the slow, dancing movements in that clip above.

lol, don't even argue with your friend. Don't even bring this up again. He doesn't get it, and he probably never will. It's just not worth it.

Has he ever trained in a combat sport?

His beer belly is the scariest thing about him.

The systema classes at my school. Are taught at full speed. They use replica weapons knives and guns but they show it slow speed and they progress until its fast. I have seen the guys that train this regularly for a couple years now, and they go all out.

But then again it all depends on the school and their insurance's. If you have two guys that actually want to be prepared they'll train hard and training hard will prepare you for most.

and here all the time i've been trying to execute submissions by securing them nice and tight with lots of control. i just need to do them SLOWER!

Dokkalfar where do you train and is there any video of full speed training in Systema out on the web?

Eviladam....I think you might be on to something. Maybe I'll suggest that at my class next time:

Me: "I totally had that armbar on you!!!!!! PWNED!!!!!"

Random Training Partner: Dude you said not to move


Mikhail Ryabko.... Finally somebody who can take on Fedor.

"you can protect yourself with the basics and forget the fancy stuff."

This is true. Basics are the best for SD. Most people who train MMA will do fine in a self defense situation. However, there are some things routinely trained in mma that really aren't necessary for the average joe to learn to defend himself, and a few things that just aren't included in most mma training that could be useful in dealing with an un-trained attacker.