Disappointed Nog caught w kneebar

I was just a little suprised when I was watching Nog on bottom half guard with his feet hooked so that his top leg was exposed to the knee bar. I was telling the guys I was watching it with that Josh should go for it just like Ricco did in ADCC. If he would just heek his legs the opposite way I don't think Josh would have even attempted it.

I'm not trying to sound arrogant, I was just suprised. I was also suprised at how easy Josh was giving his arm to Nog when he was mounted. I guess they both knew time was about to run out and weren't too worried about the subs.


I couldnt believe it was like Ricco all over again.

Mino knew there was only 10 seconds left so he did not care. People don't seem to understand this

You were dissapointed? 

I was surprised seeing as how I hadn't scene the fight yet.  Good thing I saw this thread first.  :- )

I should just stay away from the site until I catch the events.  I always make these same stupid mistakes. 


The event aired last night so the UG is gonna be full of spoilers. It's hard enough to keep it secret for one day before it airs in America. Well worth ording the replay though.

BJJ guys are not as good at leg attacks as catch guys.

Flame on!!

Its true though, catch guys move differently and JOsh is a BIG technical grappler with sick leg attacks.

You can't really make that statement. Terrell and Lister and great leg lock guys.

"BJJ guys are not as good at leg attacks as catch guys."

LOL... Go watch any of the big grappling comps, ADCC for example, and then look at which figters finish most often with leglocks... It sure as hell aint no "catch-wrestlers"...

matt murdock is correct.

Diego would never have been caught in something as silly as a kneebar.

"If you mess with Catch, you get fuct like snatch"

some great ring generalship by two seasoned veterans

It was a very close fight....but I didn't think either had a shot against Cro Cop. Mirko was on his game this weekend. He made me an even bigger fan. He worked his game plan and never really looked threatened at all.