dislocated shoulder stregnthening

Hey guys...I need some help...I believe I dislocated my shoulder, but my friend said since it popped out and in through only a 15sec interval...it's a subluxiation....whatever that means....what happened was i went to double leg a guy and he sprawled right on my shoulder...it popped out for like 15 seconds then went in. Very painful...has been three days and is still sore and i don't have the full range of motion... It has happeded to me earlier in highschool, but has not done it for a couple years...I need help on how to stregnthen it...what muscles/ exercises will be really good for it...

Same thing happened to me. I basically rested it for 2-3 weeks. Kept it moving but didn't exercise with it! Then after a few weeks I started doing some rehab on it with elastic bands. And use heat pads to get the blood flowing to that area. Proper blood flow helps with the healing process. Ligaments lack blood, so the more blood flow the better.

I also got prolotherapy and that seem to help alot!

My arm got injured by the sprawl then later dislocated when I posted to stop a sweep! My instructor at the time popped it back in!