DLH vs Mayweather anyone care?

I have been seeing ads calling it the fight the "world is talking about" yet i dont hear about it from the mainstream. I know this will get alot of buys (hspanic population) but mainstream america will shrug their shoulders at it. Even the bigtime sports are not as populer as they used to be but boxing is still a husk.

i care, but not enough to pay for it- THAT'S the death blow to boxing. not that people don't care, but that they don't care enough to cough up $40 to watch a fight.

I have heard multiple people where I work talking about it. By comparison, I have never heard anyone that I work with talking about mma. Dela Hoya v. Mayweather will be a huge fight.

Superbowl and the other big events you hear about but even football is not as big in the mainstream as much. This might sound weird but i think its the impact women have in the culture. Look how big pop music is when justin timberlake a boy band member is awarded a grammy.

unless the fight is tonite NO i dont care

Yeah it still is but can you say football is as big or baseball for that matter as when you were a kid. Maybe its because i grew up in the bronx but baseball seems like its been downsized in the eyes of the public.

hell yeah i care!

But is it going to make an impact with the public? No it wont! The public im sure has no clue who mayweather even is.

warmonky I'm not sure where you live, but quite a few people have brought it up to me down in Miami. Personally this is the 1st boxing fight that I am really fired up about since Tyson/ Holyfield.

"DLH VS. Mayweather anyone care?"

Well let's see. Sold out the MGM in 3 hours after the tickets went on sale(19 million in live gate). 1.5 to 2 million will order it on PPV for $55 a pop. Almost all closed circuit locations in Vegas are sold out. This fight is beign televised in more countries than any other boxing match in history, including the heavyweight fights. Yeah, people care.

I'm super hyped about the fight personally I still don't want to pay the extremely high price for one fight though.

The public hardly even knows what ufc is so im not playing that card either. Combat Sports are null unless its a rocky movie or they regergatate something about ali.

Easy, bs, I care.

Unless someone is getting their ear torn off then at most it might get a mention on espn. The contender (a piss poor IMO but thats just me)yet beleushi has a long running show.

How long do you think the guys on PTI will spend on it? Its lucky if it gets a mention cause i saw a couple last week and their was no boxing talk. What does it matter if its bigger then MMA since its only been on free tv a couple years.

I saw alot of NBA but no boxing.

It's a big fight morons.

Do I care? Not really. Will I be watching...hell yeah!

I hope you all know warmonkey is trolling hard! If you are a fan of sports in general, then you would know that this fight is one of the biggest fights in 10 years. And this applies to whether your a fan of boxing or not!

I think I'm going to buy it. I haven't bought a boxing PPV in at least 10 years.