do all the hardcore fans like LWs?

seems like pretty much everybody on here likes the lighter weight divisions best- which is not surprising since they're obviously much more exciting. am i imagining things, or do we all agree on this?

i think dana knows this and will be pushing 155 in the UFC (for example, on this season of TUF) and testing the waters of 145 with the WEC. if 145 goes over well with the hardcore fans in the WEC, i bet he'll add a 145 division to the UFC.

I do. But I also like to see HW.

Once the sport matures I'm sure they'll ultimately get a weight class system similar to boxing.

And the LW division does have the best fights.

I like them all,each weight class has it's good points. The lighter guys are definitely fun to watch!

I like the lightweights better. More action and its non stop.

But watching Randy is just as exciting.

Welterwight and Middleweight for me. Not that I don't like LHW fights, but its not my favorite.

145 and 155 are my favorites. it makes sense that these would be the deepest divisions since the talent pool will be largest there: the majority of fit, normal adult males will walk around between 150 and 175 or so, which puts them in the 145 or 155 weight class.

I don't have favorite weight class but if I had to choose a least favorite it would probably be heavyweight.

Seeing the tiny little guys go at it is cute like babies, and how can you not like babies?

170 is my favourite, followed by 185. One problem with the UFC's lightweight division is that the titlefights almost never get finished. Maybe the top 155ers don't hit hard enough to knock each other out, and are too fast to get caught in anything.

heavyweight best division

I am a fan of the lights but I also like to watch the MW and LHW. LHW are just heavyweights who move faster

it depends on who is fighting!! I like 155 but would rather watch say herring/nogiera 3 rather than say weems/anybody, no disrespect but it depends on the fight. But I also go with quantity over quality meaning if I can get a dvd with 20 fights of nobody's or 5 with one real main event, I go with the 20!!!

I like watching everything from heavyweight to 145 lb fights.

I just like fighting.

Prefer 185, 205 and hw.

best division to watch, because you actually usually have fights. small guys are mobile and can utilize there speed and technique better

Lightweights are awesome, but everyone likes to see the big guys go at it.

If the fighers are game, skilled, and have good technique , I like watching them fight regardless of what division they fight in.

LW and LHW seem to be deepest

prefer the 170-205 groupings