Do big names matter for headlining fox events?

For example would having cruz faber 3 headlining a fox event be so different from two bigger named stars.
Because If they are drawing in the new fans it wouldn't matter right? Phone Post

I see your point, but the big name fighters draw more media attention, which in turn draws more mainstream fans.

TheSaver - Faber is a big name

Did he just imply that Faber wasn't a "big name"? He is probably one of the most well known MMA fighters in America. lol

Besides even casual fans see his K-Swiss ads running on national networks, in magazines and on the internet for the last year.

Cruz faber 2 wasn't a big drawing card so he is alot smaller then the rest of the big UFC names Phone Post

The point seems to have been lost though, what's more important the name or the quality of fight, granted alot of them come hand in hand but if you are getting new fans in who wont know fighter A from B surely go with the exciting one? Phone Post

big names with exciting fight would be the best, UFC can afford both at this stage

To start with I think that having the big names will be very important. Once people start getting hooked they will be able to use the lesser known talent.

It is important to build a base first though. Phone Post