Do Chainsaw and Bisping have a feud going on?

I've glanced at some interviews back and fourth, and looked at the weigh in pictures. It appears they have a bit of a feud going on. Who are you pulling for in this fight? This will be Michael Bispings first fight at 185, so we'll see how he adjusts to the difference. I think Michael has good enough stand up to win this fight on the feet.

What are your thoughts?

Go to and look at the weigh in video. Dana White had to seperate them. It started with a war of words and has turned into a genuine dislike. I hope Chainsaw puts him to sleep!


Chainsaw is always in a bad mood.

I'm pulling for Captain Miserable in this fight.

good luck chainsaw

Chainsaw is trying to drum up interest for this fight and its working.

smart move by charles

^^^^That pretty cool bro.

That's awesome inf0!

Charles will dig that.

War Chainsaw!

Kick ass chainsaw!

Bisping has got this in the bag, and I will be pulling for him big time.

Bisping TKO 2nd round.

I am pulling for captain miserable. If he gets mauled, i will be disappointed that it was just talk to hype the fight.

Charles by sub round 2!

Charles probably has to win by sub. Wrestlers like Rashad and Hamill weren't able to keep Bisping on the ground, so how will Charles?

Anything's possible but I don't see it.