Do "nice guys" finish last

I am just interested in what the Aussie forum members think of the adage that "nice guys finish last". Is it true? I am beginning to think that it is. Or is it selective niceness that wins you the gold, the women and the kudos?

We have all seen how far being nice can take you in life (Gerald is a classic example), and we have also seen how far being an evil, ruthless SOB can take you (no examples here as I may be forced to endure an "unfortunate accident"). What do the esteemed members of the forum believe?


Dave ,

Its simple ...

You have to get the money first ....Once you get the money , you get the power ....Once you get the power , you get the women .

Nice guys may finish last, but at least they get to do it with a warm fuzzy feeling that makes it OK.

Plenty of "nice guys" seem to be happy with having participated in the endeavour of their choice, to the best of their ability, regardless of first/last etc. The personal satisfaction is reward enough.

DISCLAIMER: I am not, nor have I ever been a nice guy. I have only ever observed nice guys from afar, as their abilty to be content with "doing the right thing" and not getting the gold/women/kudos creeps me out.


Nice guys do finish last always, especially with women and money!!!!!! and its something we all want!!!

Nice guys unfortunetely get screwed over a lot.

Truth is, this is a fucked up world. with equally fucked up women. Why else do u think assholes get the hottest women? When it comes to women its important for guys to realise that we generally stand to lose far more in a relationship than a woman, therefore being a prick is sometimes necceasary.

Different story with mates, always be nice to your mates. If they screw you over, then karma will bite them on the ass eventually.

BGD - it's not like it's something you'll ever need to worry about is it...;? ;)

David Felstead just read my mind!

Byron, don't mean to sound too arrogant but as far as hot women go, the assholes are welcome to them.



I think you have to dish niceness out in little serves between spells of indifference. Then it is appreciated and not taken for granted.

Nice guys may finish last, but they also get to do cool things to the subservient chicken...

(type in what you want him to do; e.g. pushups)

David F - classy virgin post,


chicks dig arrogance (to and extent) and money

"non-banging time"

What's that ?


Felstead, shouldn't you be working!? :D

shoot me an email or at Expert

I am with Dave Felstead. It is not so much about being nice or not that determines success, wealth, women etc. It has more to do with confidence, lack of stupidity, insight, not carelessly trusting too many people, and having the balls to stand up and chase a bit of success.

Footnote: When someone becomes succesful they often become re-classified as assholes, mostly out of jealousy, but also due to the fact that the now-succesful person does not know who to trust anymore. Thus they a look and act like an asshole but deep down are really a nice guy that doesnt want shit all to do with anyone new! Sort of a protective response.

Basically that rule only applies to clueless 18 yo's who know next to diddly. Mind you, they're the same ones that put out the most, so it's still a bitch.

Women are so easily swayed by words, they think they aren't but it's basic to TELL a girl what she wants to hear. Going back 10 years, knowing what I know now would be gold.

To any nice guys out there - make sure you don't end up being intellectual whores:

That shit is gold

Always comes down to money.

I dont care what women say if an ugly guy has money he suddenly becomes attractive to women.

If your a good looking bloke with no money you might pick up at a club but thats about as far as the relationship is going to go.

Yes money is the evil but fark i want some more

Go here to learn how to be not nice:

Kingy: that's just cos your shit in bed... or they sober up!

That hurt my feelings where is the love around here