DO NOT f@#ck with these broads!!!! Vid.

came across this ramdom vid.

Very funny shit. Fast to about 1:40 and see this punk get tuned by a couple of the toughest chicks I have ever seen.

From the looks of it its two guys dressed up as chicks or trannys. Either way it funny to see this guy get it.

Don't think try this again anytime soon.

Bluename help posting, thanks.

Mushroom Slap - drrrr. They're pro english fighters. This story is a month old

Really? I suck at finding anything new. Should of watched vid below explains. Kind of awkward way to give interview but to each there own.

BeefSupreme - Am I the only one who read that thread title as "Don't fuck w/ these BOARDS?"

I thought you were gonna have a vid of you getting some troll in an armbar or some shit...

don't worry my friend, i read it the same way as you.

<img src=""


Looks like (s)he dropped two dudes with two punches in one second. That's like Jeff Speakman badass.