Do they ever sleep?

Man, Tito and Jenna are everywhere these days. Now they are popping up at a T-Mobile Sidekick launch party??

Get back to training tito!!

when was the last time she ate something?

something as in food???? or Tito?

as in start plowing down some cheeseburgers. she used to look really good when she had a little meat on her now she looks like a shriveled up raisin

Can a bluenamer please post a picture of Skeletor?

Tito seems to be winding down fast. I hope he realizes that the second he stops fighting she will dump him in a heartbeat and grab another fighter as a boy toy.

I thought this was a thread about CRE

Jesus she is disgusting .... just.... discusting!!!!

I think I saw a picture of her eating a Roast Beef sandwhich recently.....


nasssssssssty. i just recetnly saw a picture of her before the boob job and before becoming porn queen of the 90's. she was a very attractive up ridden hard put away wet whore