Do u think Phil Davis could beat JBJ due to Gusty?

Due to him being the only other man to defeat Gusty, do you give Mr. Wonderful any chance against JBJ?

He's a much better wrestler than the Swede, but lacks the important length. However, he is a bit over 6' 2" so it's not like he's a midget or anything.

Obviously, both he and Gusty are much better than when they fought each other a couple of years ago.

That said, IMO I think the Swede wins the rematch against JBJ, but Phil Davis would not defeat the current champ, although would give him a descent fight.

Nope Phone Post 3.0

No. Phil really, really is overrated. It's good to see that he is finally punching. But unlike Gusto, he aint dealing with Jones elbows, spinning what-nots and knee kicks. He couldn't handle it. He could however beat him up pretty good. But win? Never.

Rashad Evans pretty much dominated Davis, so I think Bones would finish Davis before the 4th.

No way. Tentative striking is not the way to fight/beat Jones as we saw last night. Phone Post 3.0

Davis trains with Gus now. I think he has a shot based on this, as well as the insight that Gus could provide him. His wrestling is top notch, and I know a lot of guys are hating on his standup, but he's improving every day. Phone Post 3.0

phils gameplan vs gus was much better than jones

Only if he can take down jbj which he can't despite his better credentials. Gus was able to do it because of his striking threat. Plus, Phil almost guarantees a boring fight. Phone Post 3.0

Phil doesn't have the stand up that Alex has.. JBJ would keep it standing and piece him up IMO. Then again, I also thought that Gus had no chance to beat Jones and we see how that went Phone Post 3.0

I would say his standup is too far behind right now to give him much of a shot. But I thought Gus had basically no shot right now due to the experience gap in the wrestling department. Crazy sport. Phone Post 3.0

Gus could give Phil all the insight in the world but Davis would still have the toughness/chin he has and as far as we know, it isnt nearly as tough as gust...Davis wouldnt take Jones down and who knows if jones would try and take Davis down...

Jones wins...

Bones would have a much different camp if facing Davis. He'd be focusing on wrestling alot more than striking. U can bet they had no idea Gus was that good on his tdd and prob didn't have a plan B Phone Post

Periodik - Rashad Evans pretty much dominated Davis, so I think Bones would finish Davis before the 4th.
Phil Davis totally dominated Gus so he'll probably get finished easy by Jones... Phone Post 3.0

Just because somebody is a great training partner, doesn't mean much. JBJ would beat Phil Davis handedly, yesterday did not change my opinion on that. Phil Davis was simply the perfect training partner for GUS to mimic his greatest weakness, and one of JBJ's greatest strengths. Davis cannot take JBJ down, and if it stays standing, he would eventually get BINGO'd.

no... phil davis doesnt have the striking.